Independent Living Waterloo Region

About Us

Independent Living Waterloo Region is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating choice and support for people with disabilities to live independent lives.

Our Vision

Independence, choice and participation.

Our Mission

Supporting independent living through service excellence and partnerships.

Our Values

What we bring to our work


We continuously evaluate our work, adapt as needed, and measure ourselves against the highest standards of integrity and fiscal responsibility.


We bring respect to all our daily interactions – with each other, with our consumers, and with our stakeholders.


We provide options to empower people to make well-informed decisions.


We respond to our consumers and employees in a timely manner.


We deliver more success through shared goals and mutual expectations, because we are stronger together.

Our philosophy

These ideals are at the core of what we do and guide our work with people with disabilities every day.

We believe…

  • In and support the rights and responsibilities of people with disabilities and those who work with them
  • Accommodation is essential to support people with disabilities in exercising their rights and responsibilities, and must be sensitive to diverse needs  
  • People with disabilities are equal citizens and, with access to the unique support they need, can fully participate in their community
  • ILWR is responsive to the needs of those who support persons with disabilities, such as staff, family members, friends and volunteers. 
  • Government and funding regulations are the minimum requirements to meet 
  • In advocating for the elimination of barriers and challenging public attitudes
  • Clear, respectful and open communication is required to achieve our vision and mission