Our Programs

Direct Funding

Direct Funding is an innovative program that allows adults with physical disabilities to become Self-Managers; managing their attendants, including recruitment, hiring/firing, and scheduling to meet their own specific daily needs. ​

As a Self-Manager in the Direct Funding Program, you receive the funds necessary to pay your own attendants and cover all employer-related costs. Attendants are not employees of an agency or organization.

The program is available throughout the province of Ontario and is perfect for people who are confident they can:

  • Undertake the functions, responsibilities, and potential risks of being an employer;
  • Manage these responsibilities completely, without relying on others;
  • Maintain and report all financial records;
  • Follow Revenue Canada guidelines; and
  • Adhere to Ontario Employment Standards and Human Rights legislation governing the employment relationship.

Eligibility and Application

For more information about eligibility and applications, please contact us at directfunding@ilwr.ca.

For general information about the Direct Funding program, please visit the Direct Funding website at dfontario.ca.